SW - Terra Mapper

Single Software to Perform All Modeling & Analytics Tasks

Terra Mapper can also be used for any analytics on map and model produced by drone. By using Terra Mapper, no additional software is required to perform aerial mapping & modeling from scratch: mission planning, point cloud generation, meshing & texturing, analysis, and volumetric calculation.

Visual Inspection Data Management and AI Detection

BlueVu allows you to easily generate professional drone inspection reports. Our software delivers faster and better insights into your assets by using our image optimization engine that automatically organizes, analyzes and selects the best inspection images and viewpoints.

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Solution

As one of Terra Drone’s portfolio company, Unifly is leading in providing the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). Their platform connects authorities such as ANSP’s and official entities with drone operators. With objective of integrating drones into the airspace safely, Unifly is committed to develop a customized fit-to-purpose UTM solution.

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