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Supported by technology and experience from all over the world in our group companies, Terra Drone offers the best Drone Services and Hardware solutions to the customer.

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The most leading drone service provider

In just three years, Terra Drone has successfully demonstrated a huge stake in drone industry to become one of the largest drone service provider network across the globe. Terra Drone Indonesia become its main hub to capture market in South East Asia.

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local experience & practical know-how

Terra Drone Indonesia always puts forward the development of its people by providing trainings, workshops, and opportunities for everyone to grow. Terra Drone also believes that by empowering local employees will provide a better sustainment for the group, the company, and the nation in a long run.

Cutting-edge technology from around the world

Our pilots have more than 2,000 flight hours accumulative, and have been using drone since years ago for many purpose: plantations audit, stockpile volume calculations, pipeline ROW monitoring, and many more. Hear their insightful stories to reduce risk in your drone operation now.

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Interested to have your own drone?

We are working with multiple drone manufacturers both from local and overseas to make it available here in Indonesia. Not only selling but also maintaining the drone to be always airworthy. Besides, the extensive knowledge & experience of our pilots will help you develop your own team and maximize the benefit of operating your own drone.

How drone is used in the industry?


Perform baseline survey with ease to design, calculate, and plan. LiDAR and Photogrammetry is suitable to provide topographic mapping for that purpose. Check the progress by capturing the situation in a whole new perspective.

Oil & Gas

Drone is very suitable to replace human involvement in hazardous area: confined space and vertical structure. Besides, many sensor can be attached to the drone to provide insightful information for everyone to assess.


From exploration to reclamation, drone can be used by the mining consultant, contractor, owner, or even trader. This could be for aeromagnetic, topographic, GPR, operation monitoring, stock pile calculation, and many more.


As the early adapter, plantations has used drone for years. Either for land management audit, tree census, pest detection, flood analysis, estate design, and others. An aerial view will help plantation organizer to act based on actual situation.

Urban Planning

The quality of data captured by drone has a high level of clarity, able to provide valuable information upon a land. This can be used to help the government in governing an urban area, creating a structured city seamlessly.

Power & Telco

Thousands kilometer of transmission lines and pipe lines are very fundamental to people's needs yet it is vulnerable from hazard: encroachment, unidentified establishment, tapping, trees, wild life, etc. Drone will be a hassle-free tools to answer that.

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