To be the No. 1 South East Asia drone service company, and contribute to the sustainable growth of the nation.


Our priority: safety, quality & regulation compliance

Many consider drone operation as a risky business, and a lot of quality parameters need to be configured. Besides, laws are being introduced by the government to avoid incidents. To answer this, Terra Drone Indonesia is implementing its quality & safety management system, and always trying to comply with applicable regulations.

Relying on local experience & practical know-how

Terra Drone Indonesia always puts forward the development of its people by providing trainings, workshops, and opportunities for everyone to grow. Terra Drone also believes that by empowering local employees will provide a better sustainment for the group, the company, and the nation in a long run.

Latest cutting-edge technology from around the world

Drone is not a new thing, yet innovations are coming in a frequent way. Terra Drone commits to always bring these latest updates to its customer base to configure how these can deliver values and benefits to them.

Terra Drone Indonesia is part of Terra Drone Group which focus on providing services to construction, mining, oil & gas, energy, and utilities industry.

CoHive 101 Floor 7 Unit 3,
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
DKI Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

Mail: info@terra-drone.co.id
Telp: +62812 6559 4857

Ruko Paskal Hyper Square B-18
Jl. Pasir Kaliki No. 25-27
Bandung 40181, Indonesia

Mail: info@terra-drone.co.id
Phone: +6222 860 60959