Terra LiDAR

This LiDAR system configuration is a perfect solution to be operated in various situations including very dense forest, windy shore, or even high elevation location. Unlike other LiDAR system, Terra LiDAR does not use IMU for attitude determination but a set of single frequency positioning system, allowing the reduction of investment of the equipment.


Hassle free without IMU

Terra LiDAR is using a set of single frequency GNSS to replace functions of IMU to achieve lower cost to manufacture but keeping the quality high.

Reliable & battle-proven

Terra Drone has accomplished more than 400 LiDAR projects in Japan only, then using the experience to develope the system based on market needs.

Local data processing team

Terra Drone Indonesia owns a data processing team to do correction, classification, and filtering, with a very high quality standard.

Local team support

Terra LiDAR is a flagship product which designed and manufactured by Terra Drone, so that all the aftersales activity will be helped by local team.


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Terra Drone Indonesia is part of Terra Drone Group which focus on providing services to construction, mining, oil & gas, energy, and utilities industry.

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