Quantum Trinity F90+

The Quantum-Systems eVTOL fixed-wing  sUAS unite the convenient handling of a multi-rotor drone and the efficient aerodynamics of an airplane into one system – making them unique.  

Flight Time:90+ minutes
Trajectory:up to 100 kilometers
Operational Range:7 kilometers
Sensor:Dual RGB & NDVI payload and 42 MP HighRes RGB
MTOW:5 kilograms




Trinity F90+ can fly as efficiently as a fixed-wing airplane but allow for the easy vertical take-off and landing like a multi-rotor drone, reducing the need for runway. This means reduced harm on the sUAS and sensors for an extended product life.

Longest Flight Time in class

With specially designed wing geometry and capability to switch to gliding mode, Trinity F90+ able to achieve long range capability up yo 90+ minutes in a single flight.

Full PPK Support

Triniry F90+ is equipped with a dual frequency PPK GNSS system to significantly increase its accuracy up to less than 10 cm. An ultimate dream for surveyor!

Local team support

Terra LiDAR is a flagship product which designed and manufactured by Terra Drone, so that all the aftersales activity will be helped by local team.


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