Powerline Inventory & Vegetation Management

Drone can capture the actual situation of the powerline and make a 3D model out of it. This is a foundation of the model-based vegetation management, which is very crucial to ensure that there is no hazards nor obstacle around the ROW of the transmission lines.

By using a 3D model, user can interact and measure the distance of the cable to the closest objects. Sagging analysis can also be performed. User can also set a rule so that the hazard will be automatically identified into colors with index.

Power Vegetation Management
Power Encroachment

Encroachment Identification in Transmission Line

Drone can aid maintenance program of transmission line in order to observe the required clear space from any potential hazards such as tall trees and third-party activities. The use of drones can be applied to conduct inspections on SUTT points and monitor the powerlines which are usually inaccessible nor hazardous. The risk of human beings can be minimised and the analysis of the clear space can be made more accurate.

Thermal Inspection for Electrical Component Testing

Commissioning of new main station or sub station to ensure that the components are working well is very crucial in power generation business. Therefore, a set of activities to capture data usually performed under extreme circumstance, which is very hazardous for human. A drone can be safely operated to capture these data to ensure that the components are visible to the camera.

Power Substation
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3D Model-Based Site Audit for Telco Tower

Virtual audit is right now as common as virtual inspection, which provide ease to auditor to perform audit anywhere they chose. This also happens in telco business, whereas auditor can perform the audit based on the model captured and produced by drone imagery. In addition, we also equip the platform with AI to detect not only components but also anomalies such as rust, loose, or even crack.

By having this solution, tower owner can perform audit easily with traceable data and information quickly and safely.

Sample LiDAR Point Cloud of Powerline

To inspect the condition of the tower structure as well as to perform the vegetation management, point cloud which generated from LiDAR survey is very useful. The sample of point cloud can be seen in this viewer.

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