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Emergency Inspection in Confined Space

Using drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for indoor use, moreover in a confined and complex space could sound like a stretch, as most well-known use cases for drones feature wide open spaces that require coverage of large areas such as fields for agriculture or power line inspection.

However, UAVs have a serious advantage over other mobile robotics: their versatility. Their mobility in three dimensions allows to access virtually any place, from any angle, regardless of the shape, material and geometry of the environment.

Terra Drone - Confined Space Inspection
Terra Drone - UT Inspection

Pengukuran Ketebalan Pipa Boiler

Equipped with a UT gauge to measure the thickness of a wall made from metal. The solution can also be used to measure the thickness of boiler tubes, as long as the tubes are made of steel/ aluminum. The drone is also equipped with a sand blasting mechanism which can blast the coating & painting, so there is no need for a deep cleaning prior to the inspection.

Dam Inspection

The use of drones for dam surveying, in particular, is increasing globally. Evidence shows that drones provide accurate and real-time data which can be used for 3D models of dam surveying and vulnerability analyses. As explained above, dam surveying is paramount as dams play a crucial role in water resource development and watershed restoration.

Terra Drone - Dam Inspection
Terra Drone - Thermal Inspection

General Inspection & Commissioning

The use of drones for inspection of power and hydro power plants offer advantages such as quick overview and evaluation of the condition, sharp and detailed photographs of defects, high quality images and video, preventive maintenance planning and optimised production, access to hard to reach areas, reduced downtime, and high level of personnel safety.

Inspeksi Cerobong

Drone can be equipped with zoom camera. By having this, drone can capture high quality images of equipment with vertical structure. Not only still images, a video can also be captured to understand he movement & the performance of the system in real time. The video can be used to capture a very clear image of any object being focused on.

Terra Drone - Vertical Structure Inspection
Terra Drone - Tower Inspection

Powerline Inspection

Tower or pole can be easily inspected using a drone equipped with a zoom camera. Pictures of tower equipment such as insulator, spacer, cable, and other object can be captured to understand the situation in detail.

Insulator can also be inspected using the fully-autonomous FOS to obtain very clear pictures for the AI to review & the inspector to provide an assessment.

Vegetation Management

Mapping approach is used to get the model of the surrounding vegetation. In the 2D data, the coordinate of the towers can be identified for asset location tracking. This can be used to collect accurate coordinates of the assets. Besides, ROW encroachment can also be identified by looking at the safe area below the powerline. This depends on the local regulation and the formula will follow the restrictions & limitations that are introduced by that regulation.

Terra Drone - Vegetation Management
Terra Drone - Security Surveillance

Surveillance & Emergency Response

Monitoring means the drone will provide a live stream so the operators can act accordingly. Different with the powerline modeling where a post-processing procedure needs to be exercised to obtain a specific output, powerline monitoring will provide the picture real-time but with no analysis.

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