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Confined Space Inspection

Using drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for indoor use, moreover in a confined and complex space could sound like a stretch, as most well-known use cases for drones feature wide open spaces that require coverage of large areas such as fields for agriculture or power line inspection.

However, UAVs have a serious advantage over other mobile robotics: their versatility. Their mobility in three dimensions allows to access virtually any place, from any angle, regardless of the shape, material and geometry of the environment.

Terra Drone - Confined Space Inspection
Terra Drone - UT Inspection

Storage Tank UT Inspection

Equipped with a UT gauge to measure the thickness of a wall made from metal. The solution can also be used to measure the thickness of boiler tubes, as long as the tubes are made of steel/ aluminum. The drone is also equipped with a sand blasting mechanism which can blast the coating & painting, so there is no need for a deep cleaning prior to the inspection.

Vertical Structure Inspection

Drone can be equipped with zoom camera. By having this, drone can capture high quality images of equipment with vertical structure. Not only still images, a video can also be captured to understand he movement & the performance of the system in real time. The video can be used to capture a very clear image of any object being focused on.
Terra Drone - Vertical Structure Inspection
Terra Drone - Horizontal Structure Inspection

Horizontal Structure Inspection

By using robots, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) not only is it far easier to inspect hard to access areas, but it negates the need to ensure a location is safe for a human to approach or enter. A UAV can be used to quickly assess the exterior of piping at height.

Underdeck Inspection

Inspection of underdecks is often a complex job. Using a drone, however, brings even more efficiency to the inspection process. This underdeck inspection was completed within just one day, representing a dramatic time and cost-saving. The drone pilot is also able to obtain standoff shots of the underdeck, an angle that would not be obtainable from these alternative inspection techniques.

Terra Drone - Underdeck Inspection
Terra Drone - Security Surveillance

Pipeline Real Time Surveillance

Monitoring means the drone will provide a live stream so the operators can act accordingly. Different with the powerline modeling where a post-processing procedure needs to be exercised to obtain a specific output, powerline monitoring will provide the picture real-time but with no analysis.

Gas Leak Detection

Carrying out safe and quick inspections of potentially dangerous gas leaks is a must for every natural-gas-powered production facility, power plant, and pipeline maintenance company, as well as any other company along the natural gas supply chain. Drones with methane gas detectors are swift, mobile and don’t make any false readings, saving time and money, while also providing safety for employees. But to take the benefits to a whole new level, the drone has to be able to transfer the data precisely and in real time.
Terra Drone - Gas Leak Detection
Terra Drone - ROW Mapping

ROW Mapping ROW

Drone can aid maintenance program of the pipeline network in order to observe the required clear space from any potential hazards such as trees and third party activities. The use of drones can be applied to conduct regular survey on critical points and monitor the pipeline ROW which are usually inaccessible nor hazardous. The risk of human beings can be minimised and the analysis of the clear space can be made more accurate.

Topography & Subsurface Mapping for Design & Construction

Sometimes you want to get terrain data of a forest to understand what will be the real situation of the construction site. To do it, only LiDAR is possible. LiDAR use a set of beam of laser to get the point cloud base on a specific reference. It can travel between dense canopy to get data from the ground. This is very useful for construction so that contractors can understand the clear condition without having to cut trees and open lands.
Terra Drone - Topography Survey for Construction
Terra Drone - Digital Twin

Digital Twin & As-Built Drawing

The digital twin is a virtual representation of an asset, and its most important benefit is to ease the communication between all parties involved in asset management. Enriching the model with additional documents, remarks and information is one important step, and finally you need to be able to share the data with your colleagues and partners.

Environmental Monitoring

The non-visual light spectrum such as Near Infrared and Red-Edge can be obtained using multispectral camera to provide information about health level of plantations which are derived from their photosynthesis activity. It is then visualized through the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) that indicates the index of the infrared reflectance on the leaves which relate to health issue. Using such data, classification of vegetation and non-vegetation can also be conducted easily and also the vegetation health level can be classified.
Terra Drone - Environmental Monitoring
Terra Drone - Forest Fire Monitoring

Forest Fire Monitoring & Emergency Response

One of the advantages of drones over helicopters or planes is their ability to be flown from anywhere or at any time. Drones do not need an airport to take off so the pilot can fly the drone in a location close to a forest area. In addition, the drone also only requires one pilot, so it is ideal for shortening the time to operation. The drone operation is relatively easy.

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