Terra LiDAR

This multirotor is perfect to carry heavy payload such as LiDAR. Its redundancy system also allow this drone to be operated in various situations including high altitude locations. Unlike other LiDAR system, Terra LiDAR does not use IMU for attitude determination but a set of single frequency positioning system, allowing the reduction of investment of the equipment.


MagDrone R3 opens a new market that was reserved to research companies operating airplanes and helicopters, making surveys and research always an expensive and complex mission. Now, the MagDrone R3 enables small, cost-effective and even repetitive surveys on any terrain at any place in the world. 

Terra SLAM

This drone is specifically designed for underground mining operation. The intention is to be able to locate itself without GNSS while modeling the tunnel with high precision data. It is also equipped with anti collision frame and wheels.


A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) mounted on a drone enables to see through the surface of ground, ice, rocks, freshwater, and buildings or through structures at unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising the safety of staff, providing an additional solution for more efficient surveying.

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