Terra Bramor ppX

This is the older brother of Terra Atlas purposed for aerial mapping & modeling. It is equipped with 24.0 MP, this drone is capable to provide sub-cm resolution with high accuracy because it is using PPK positioning technology. It can fly up to 3.5 hours, suitable for very large area mapping.

Role:Aerial Mapping
Flight Time:3.5 hours
Cruising Speed:17 m/s
Trajectory:180 kilometers
Telemetry Range:40 kilometers/ 80 kilometers/ encrypted
Camera Resolution:

RGB 24 MP/ RGB 42 MP/ Micasense RE/ Altum/ Thermal Camera/ Hyperspectral Camera/ Gas Sensor

Weight:5.7 kilograms
Take Off:Launcher


24/42 MP Camera

Bramor ppX comes with 2 options of camera: 24 MP & 42 MP. It also comes with other sensors such as thermal camera, multispectral camera, gas sensor, and hyperspectral camera.

3.5 Hours Flight

Bramor ppX can achieve a staggering endurance of 3.5 hours using battery. This can be achieved by its extreme aerodynamic design & light structure optimization.

40 km Operation Range

By default, Bramor ppX can be operated up to 40 km range using its standard antenna set, and can be upgraded to achieve 80 km range, encrypted military communication style.

Full PPK Support

Bramo ppX is equipped with a single frequency PPK GNSS system to significantly increase its accuracy up to less than 10 cm. An ultimate dream for surveyor!


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