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Tailor made Hybrid VTOL from Indonesian drone manufacturer, Aeroterrascan. Hybrid VTOL have a capability to take grey area between multirotor drones and fixed wing drones. So to reduce risk in fixed wing, and to increase flight duration in multirotor. this AI-V210 VTOL fill the gap quite reliable.

Role:Aerial Mapping
Flight Time:60 minutes
Cruising Speed:20 m/s
Trajectory:60 kilometers
Telemetry Range:10 kilometers
Camera Resolution:RGB 24 MP/ Micasense RE
GNSS:Navigation L1
Wingspan:220 cm
Take Off:VTOL


Large Customer Base

Aeroterrascan has been in Indonesian market since 2014 and their drone been used by more than 50 companies across Indonesia. This can allow users to learn from other users in the community.

Proven Reliability

Many users are using this drone for years. This brings a good value in terms of long term investment. Besides, it is proven to be effective in various kind of geographical conditions.

Local Maintenance

No need to send it somewhere to get your drone inspected, repaired, and tested. 2 weeks guarantee for a downtime is what you require to ensure your drone is fit for the mission.

Local Stock

Not only maintenance but also spare parts are available locally. This include service for modification or upgrade to make sure your drone is up to date.


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